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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need travel experience?

No, as we provide all of the necessary training. However, it helps to have an interest in travelling as it will come across to customers when you speak to them.

How long is the training?

Our initial training is five days long, held here at our Birmingham Head Office. This will cover the essentials on taking and servicing a call using our fantastic booking system, some basics on social media, plus the creation of your individual and business plan if not already completed.
Your knowledge is a critical to ensuring you deliver outstanding service so you will have access to an online learning portal and regular e learning and webinars from our suppliers.

Do I have to use the Family Holidays Company branding or could I create my own brand?

You can trade under the Family Holidays Company or any other brand you like. The benefit of our brand is that it is well-established brand but you can use your own brand if you want to operate in a market other than the family holiday market.

Can I specialise in a certain type of destination or holiday?

Absolutely. You will have the ability to book over 200+ suppliers so you can tailor your offering to selected types of holidays or certain destinations.

How do I attract customers to my business?

We have taken our business from £6,000 in capital to now selling tens of millions of pounds’ worth of holidays a year. We have learned to market our business successfully in a very efficient manner. We will be able to give you advice on all areas of marketing from traditional media to online and social media. Remember also, your friends, family and people in your local area are a ready-made customer base. Everyone likes going on holidays!

Will I get access to trade price holidays?

Yes, you will get some of the best prices available anywhere and which are certainly not available to the public. It is helped by the fact that we have been members of the Hays Travel consortium since 2005 which pools the purchasing power of over 150 travel agents to produce over £500m of buying power a year. You can also get invited by suppliers to go on free trips called “educationals”!

How much can I earn?

Based on our current booking values you will be earning on average between £300 - £500 commission per booking. Just ten bookings a month should earn £35,000 - £60,000 a year. 20 bookings a month is obviously double that. Some people in our parent company can do thirty+ bookings in a month.

How long will it take for me to re-coup my franchise fee?

Based on the above commissions an investment of £12,995 - £15,795 should be paid off in between forty to sixty bookings.

Are you ABTA and ATOL bonded?

Yes, we are both ABTA (P6851) and ATOL (5534) bonded and only deal with credible operators. You will be covered by these licences.

How many franchisees are you looking to attract?

We’re not targeting a set number of franchisees.
We are looking for quality people who will work with us to build a profitable partnership and will represent our brand with the same pride and passion as us.

I’m looking to start a business with a friend, do we have to pay two franchise fees?

You have the ability to team up with a business partner if you like and just pay one franchisee fee.

Do I have to work on my business full-time?

No, this business can be worked round other commitments. However, we do stress that the more time you can commit, especially in the set-up phase, the quicker you will establish and grow. We recommend this is factored into your business plan.

Do I have to be based at home?

As with any new business we recommend keeping costs/overheads to a minimum, so we would advise you base your business from your home location.
As your business grows you may choose to employee people to work for you, open a call centre, or even explore opening a retail premises.

Do I get a set territory to trade in?

Yes. We will look at the type of business you are looking to create, where you are based and overlay a number of factors such as number of households, breakdown of population, wealth etc. to help create an exclusive manageable territory.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

If you would like to proceed a £500 + VAT deposit is taken to secure your territory. This comes off the total cost of your chosen franchise package, the balance of which would need to be paid within three months.

Does the franchise fee have to be paid in advance of starting the set up of my business?

After paying your deposit, the balance of the franchise fee has to be paid within three months. As soon as funds have cleared work will commence on setting up your business.

Does my business need to be VAT registered?

Once any business reaches a certain threshold of revenue it needs to be VAT registered.
Our accountant can guide you on the benefits of registering your business immediately vs. waiting to hit the given threshold.

Do I need insurance for my business?

We have insurance (such as professional indemnity insurance) but you will need to take on your own insurance as well, especially if you have employees and property.